Pedigree of: F.T.Ch. (IKC) & F.T.W. Knockmany Muffin
Sex F Reg No.
Date of Birth Breed Cocker Spaniel
Owner Mr D Kelly Breeder
Color & Markings Black & White Kennel Name Julie
Comments WOW - it was always a job keeping your feet firmly in the stirrups when handling Julie. She is the complete package. If anyone asks is there a dog without faults, then Julie must come close to that definition. You did not have to worry about going to a trial and having to cover up a fault or hope that you did not encounter a particular situation - you went along to win. Julie could compete against the best of the springers and cockers that were around. She excelled in whatever cover was thrown at her and beat the best as her numerous wins proved. A deadly gamefinder, perfect marker, she had style and pace. If my memory serves me well I think that Bang had the edge on her in this department.
Her only problem was that she was a large cocker who hunted with a springer action. This did not please everyone she ran under.
I thank Damien for allowing me to run her in trials.
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