Pedigree of: F.T.Ch. Raffle of Mailscot
Sex F Reg No. 6058by
Date of Birth 5/5/1987 Breed Spaniel (English Springer)
Owner Mr Mike Smith Breeder Mr D J Kelly
Color & Markings Liver & White Kennel Name Arran
Comments A small dog with a big heart that could rock 'n roll with the best. Only produced very nice and sound shooting dogs. Her litter sister, mated to the same dogs, produced good quality and some F.T.Chs.
F.T.Ch. Cortman Lane F.T.Ch. Badgercourt Druid F.T.Ch. Don of Bronton F.T.Ch. Burnhatch Soda Burnhatch Brandy
Hiwood Jane
Farway Tina Hales Smut
Farway Sallie
F.T.Ch. Badgercourt Susan F.T.Ch. Robbson of Gwibernant Gwibernant Ashley Robb
Macsiccar Auchtertyre Donna
F.T.Ch. Crowhill Spinner Crowhill Raffle
Crowhill Sal
Bomakama Mist F.T.Ch. Macsiccar Mint F.T.Ch. Robbson of Gwibernant Gwibernant Ashley Robb
Macsiccar Auchtertyre Donna
Macsiccar Michelle Rivington Santa Claus
Lewstan Busy
Clover Kim F.T.Ch. Gorsty Greyling Burnhatch Soda
Speck of Gorsty
Copley Daisy Blacklunan Rock
Copley Florence
F.T.W. Dan-Y-Lan Gem Templetown Super Scamp F.T.Ch. Robbson of Gwibernant F.T.Ch. Gwibernant Ashley Robb Hales Smut
Nell of Ardoon
Macsiccar Auchtertyre Donna Markdown Marcus
Drumbro Daisy
Pinebush Sheena F.T.W. Black Rod of Gwibernant Robbson of Gwibernant
Singretts Joy
Pinebush Sue Russ of Cluren
Coppings Delight
F.T.Ch. Merridawn Michele Quarrybrae Duster F.T.Ch. Macsiccar Mint Robbson of Gwibernant
Macsiccar Michelle
Quarrybrae Rossy Lyvennet Scamp
Spudtamsons Skidaddle
Shore-Top-Tina F.T.Ch. Don of Bronton Burnhatch Soda
Farway Tina
Boscow Shandy Gwibernant Legend
Cutnook Skean Dhu


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