My dad says that I am the "odd-ball" in the family as I have labs and not spaniels. I don't care what he thinks as long as my labs retrieve me the birds and do not run around mad like those silly spaniels, I am happy. This is my page and I want to tell you a little about my two dogs - Aster and Chance.

Aster and Chance are yellow labradors and you will see from the photos that although Aster is yellow, Chance is a beautiful golden colour. I bred Chance and specifically searched out a most handsom and very golden coloured dog as the father. I chose Charlie Thorburn's dog Rhum.

I have trained both dogs (my dad did give me a bit of a hand with Aster to help show me what to do) and I think that they are very obedient, steady to all aspects of game and work very hard for me.


Chance is Aster's son. He is big, handsom, powerful and yet he has the most happy and friendly temperament that makes him very easy for me to train and handle. As I have already mentioned, he is the most gorgeous golden colour. During the past two shooting seasons, I have taken him picking-up with me on my local estate. He is becoming very experienced at this job. He sits by me and watches and listens for everything. When I send him for a retrieve he soon makes short work of it as he is very fast.

I am hoping to have another puppy to train, but dad has put a limit of two dogs for me. So I am at a decision making point where I either sell Chance and have another puppy or keep him and forget about another dog. If I felt that he would go to someone who would take him shooting and look after him, I think I may be tempted to sell him.





I have had Aster since she was a puppy. Her father's brother is very famous because he won the Retriever Championships and her mother's pedigree contains many Field Trial Champions and Winners.

Aster is smaller than her son, but is every bit as fast as he is. Besides taking her with me picking-up, I have entered her in many working tests and Young Handlers competitions.


Aster relaxing on a sunny afternoon

Aster & Chance